Draft and bottled offerings are available to enjoy in the taproom or to-go in refillable growlers.


Pricing:  4 oz  |  8 oz  |  16 oz  |  1 Liter  |  2 Liter



A golden sour ale fermented on American Montmorency cherries with a light Citra dry-hop. Citrus and cherry aromas follow through to a fruit-forward flavored beer with a tart, dry finish.

6.3% ABV.  

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13  |  $24

PEACH Mango Saison de mink

A dry-hopped farmhouse saison conditioned on peaches and mangoes. Complex, tart, and dry with layered stonefruit, citrus, and tropical aromas and flavors.

7.7% ABV.  25 IBU.

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13  |  $24

Fortress Double IPA

A big, bold, Double New England IPA featuring Lemondrop and El Dorado hops. Hazy and dank with a smooth finish.

9.4% ABV.  35 IBU.

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13  |  $24

The rule of two

A tart table saison conditioned on second use raspberries and passionfruit.

4.5% ABV.  10 IBU.

$2  |  $3.25  |  $6  |  $11  |  $20

Rare Pedestrian

A classic American Pale Ale featuring biscuit and cracker malt flavors and citrus-forward Citra and Ekuanot hops.

6.1% ABV.  48 IBU.

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13  |  $24

Superfruit 5: Triple Berry

A golden sour beer conditioned on over 250 lbs of red raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries.

6.8% ABV.

$2.50  |  $4 |  $8  |  $15  |  $30

Mocha Mink

A rich English Oatmeal Stout brewed with Espresso Coffee Beans, Vanilla Beans, and Cocoa Nibs.

7.5% ABV.  50 IBU.

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13  |  $24

Sour Coolers

We now offer a selection of our tasty draft sours to-go in frozen pouches, perfect for the pool, beach, hiking, camping, or wherever you need an adult refreshment. Frozen versions of both our Superfruit: Triple Berry (6.8% ABV) and Blossom Cherry Sour (6.2% ABV) are currently available!

$6 To-Go



Raspberry & Passionfruit Tapestry

A blend of golden sour beers aged for six months in Chardonnay barrels before being re-conditioned on red raspberries and passion fruit.

 750 mL.  5.1% ABV.  Batch 1: 3/1/19.

$20 To-Go  |  $22 In-House

BARREL AGED Estate Saison

 A “Bière de Coupage” style blend of Chardonnay barrel aged farmhouse saison and Cabernet barrel aged golden sour beer.  Naturally conditioned in the bottle after receiving a fresh dry-hop of citrus-forward American hops.

750 mL.  7.2% ABV.  Batch 1: 5/19/19.

$16 To-Go  |  $18 In-House

Cocktail MENU

Artisan cocktails hand-crafted with Pennsylvania spirits.


A sparkling version of the classic cocktail made with Stateside Vodka, cranberry, and blood orange with a lime twist.

$10  |  5 oz.

Tom collins

A classic American sparkling cocktail made with Revivalist Botanical Gin and a blend of citrus juices.  Served over ice with a lime garnish.

$10  |  6 oz.

MINky fizz

A classic vodka soda made to order using Stateside Vodka and Mellow Mink house-made sparkling water.

$5  |  1.5 oz
$10  |  3 oz

blue lagoon

A Mellow Mink original sparkling cocktail made with Stateside Vodka, Cassel Vineyards Vidal Blanc, citrus, and Blue Curaçao.

$10  |  5 oz.

The Spicy Mink

A thought-provoking, refreshing, cocktail blended from Mellow Mink IPA, Revivalist Dragon Dance Gin, and citrus juices.

$9  |  10 oz.


A decadent dessert martini made with Mid-State Distilling Coffee Liquor, Mid-State Vanilla Vodka, and Mellow Mink Stout.

$10  |  5 oz.

Little Yorkie

Named after the Mellow Mink owners Yorkie, Lenny, this cocktail is made with Mid-State Distilling Rum, red grapefruit juice, bitters, and Mellow Mink IPA.

$9  |  10 oz.

The Papillon

Eponymous of the high spirited dog, this cocktail is made with Mellow Mink IPA, Revivalist Botanical Gin, and citrus juices.

$9  |  10 oz.

Superfruit Rum Punch

A delightful blend of Triple Berry Superfruit with Midstate Distilling Rum, fruit juice, and coconut. A semi-sweet Caribbean treat with tropical and berry flavors.

$10  |  10 oz.

Kentucky Sunrise Sangria

A marriage of Resurgent Young American Bourbon, Cassel Vineyards Rose, and citrus juices.  The K.S.S. is a complex cocktail perfect for an engaging conversation.

$12  |  10 oz.

Tropical Sangria

A refreshing blend of Cassel Vineyards Vidal Blanc and tropical fruit juices.

$10  |  10 oz.

Rose Mojito

Mellow Mink’s unique take on the classic Mojito pairs Cassel Vineyards Rose with flavors of grapefruit, mint, and Midstate Distillery Rum .

$9  |  12 oz.

Piña Colada

A classic cocktail featuring Midstate Distillery Rum with fresh pineapple juice and coconut cream.  An absolute delight, you’ll never go back to mixers after tasting a freshly made piña colada.

$9  |  10 oz.

Moscow Mule

Another classic cocktail perfect for refreshing your palate after a round of beers. Our Moscow Mule features Stateside Vodka, locally made Appalachian Brewing Co. Ginger Beer, and fresh lime juice.

$9  |  10 oz.

The Pink Sloth

Named after bartender Cheyenne’s favorite animal, The Pink Sloth is a sweet summer cocktail made with prickly pear syrup, lemonade, and Stateside vodka.

$9  |  5 oz.

more drinks

Mellow Mink is proud to offer a curated selection of locally made wines and ciders.

wines by the glass or bottle

Grandview Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 – A rich, dry, full bodied red wine aged in oak barrels. Complex and fruit forward with flavors of red and black berries.

$12  |  6 oz.         $30  |  Bottle

Grandview Vineyards Pinot Gris 2018 – A dry white wine that is refreshingly tart with notes of lemon, lime, and spice.

$12  |  6 oz.         $30  |  Bottle

Cassel Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2013A dry red Estate wine made from French grapes.  Bright red, oak aged, aromatic and spicy with black currant and raspberry flavors.

$12  |  6 oz.         $30  |  Bottle

Cassel Vineyards Rosé 2017 – A semi-sweet true rosé lightly pressed from Cabernet Franc grapes that have been fermented on their skins for 12 hours to extract a light red color.  Features a light body with flavors of cherries, raspberries and honeysuckle.

$10  |  6 oz.         $27  |  Bottle

Hard Ciders

Grand Illusion Blue Illusion – A blueberry lavender hard cider made with fresh-pressed apples and English lavender.

$6  |  12 oz.

Grand Illusion Mystic Citra Pineapple – A pineapple hard cider made with fresh-pressed apples, pineapple juice, and dry-hopped with Cascade and Citra hops.

$6  |  12 oz.

Grand Illusion Hocus Hibiscus – A lemony-tart hard cider with berry and hibiscus tea flavors.  Made with fresh-pressed apples.

$6  |  12 oz.

Mellow Mink Sparkling Water

A complimentary treat to our guests.  Mellow Mink sparkling water is made in-house and served on draft.


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