Draft and bottled offerings are available to enjoy in the taproom or to-go in refillable growlers and crowler cans.


Pricing:  4 oz  |  8 oz  |  16 oz  |  32 oz 


radiant garden IPA

An easy drinking New England IPA featuring the bold tropical fruit aromas of Mango, Guava, and Melon from a triple dry hopping of experimental American Hop HBC 586.

7.4% ABV.  25 IBU.

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13 

Crush: Blood Orange Gose

A super crushable German Gose balancing the cracker and bready flavors of wheat and pilsner malt against a light tartness, citrus flavors of coriander and blood orange, and just a touch of sea-salt.

6.6% ABV.

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13 

Superfruit #1: Raspberry & Passionfruit

A golden sour beer conditioned on massive quantites of red raspberries and passionfruit.  Sour, fruity, dry, and refreshing.

5% ABV.

$2.50  |  $4  |  $8  |  $15 

Trail Companion

A German-style Helles Lager featuring soft malt flavors of cracker and grain with light spicy and herbal noble hops.

5.2% ABV.  19 IBU.

$2  |  $3.50  |  $6  |  $11 

Moderate darkness

An oatmeal stout brewed with classic English malts, and two varieties of oats.  This smooth stout showcases flavors of chocolate, roasted coffee, and toasted bread.

5.5% ABV.  25 IBU.

$2.25  |  $3.75  |  $7  |  $13

Superfruit #7: Cherry, Blueberry, & black currant

This edition of our popular sour series was blended to capture the flavors of our favorite summer fruit wines. Refreshing, tart, dry, and unapologetically fruity, we are very excited about this new blend and we hope you will be too!.

5.7% ABV.

$2.50  |  $4  |  $8  |  $15 




These beers are very limited and will not appear on the website.  To keep up-to-date with these awesome releases, follow us on Facebook or Instagram!



barrel aged janet weisse

A light blonde sour matured for 12 months in Chardonnay barrels before conditioning an additional 6 months on locally harvested whole apples, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla beans.

375 mL & 750 mL.  6.2% ABV.

Batch 1: 05/05/20.

$11 (375 mL)   $20 (750 mL)

To-Go & In-House

Scarlet Sunrise Blackberry & Blueberry

A blend of sour red ales aged for 12 months in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels refermented on blackberries and blueberries.

750 mL.  6.8% ABV. 

Batch 1: 10/15/19.

$20 To-Go & In-House

Cocktail MENU

Artisan cocktails hand-crafted with Pennsylvania spirits.



A fall / winter update to the classic Cosmo. Made with Stateside vodka, cranberry juice, muddled lime, and now, Ablis CBD Cranberry/Blood orange soda.

$14  |  5 oz.

MR. Tom collins

Our rosemary, pomegranate Tom Collins takes the classic cocktail and revamps it using a rosemary infused simple syrup and pomegranate juice in addition to the always traditional lime and sparkling water.

The Revivalist Botanical gin, Equinox Expression, adds a mild, sweet mint character to enhance it’s pleasant and lightly herbal taste.

$12  |  10 oz.

MINky fizz

A classic vodka soda made to order using Stateside Vodka and Mellow Mink house-made sparkling water.

$5  |  1.5 oz
$10  |  3 oz


A special cocktail created for our 1-Year Anniversary, Keystone Crush is a refreshing blend of Stateside Vodka, pomegranate juice, and fresh berries muddled with homegrown basil. Lightly sparkling.

$12  |  10 oz.

The Spicy Mink

A thought-provoking, refreshing, cocktail blended from Mellow Mink IPA, Revivalist Dragon Dance Gin, and citrus juices.

$9  |  10 oz.


A decadent dessert martini made with Mid-State Distilling Coffee Liquor, Mid-State Vanilla Vodka, and Mellow Mink Stout.

$10  |  5 oz.

Little Yorkie

Named after the Mellow Mink owners Yorkie, Lenny, this cocktail is made with Mid-State Distilling Rum, red grapefruit juice, bitters, and Mellow Mink IPA.

$9  |  10 oz.

The Papillon

Eponymous of the high spirited dog, this cocktail is made with Mellow Mink IPA, Revivalist Botanical Gin, and citrus juices.

$9  |  10 oz.

Kentucky Mule

A modern classic. made with Hidden Still Spirits David E. Bourbon, ginger beer, and lime for a refreshing, barrel aged cocktail.

$14  |  10 oz.

Superfruit WHISKEY Sour

A take on a classic whiskey sour. Mellow Mink’s Superfruit 6 is mixed with Hidden Still’s David E. Bourbon, simple syrup, a dash of lemon juice, and egg white (optional).

$10  |  10 oz.

The Amethyst

Named after the violet shade of quartz, this cocktail consists of Revivalist Fall Harvest Gin, cranberry juice, curaçao, and cinnamon to create a drink that embodies the holiday spirit in both taste and fragrance.

$12  |  10 oz.

Joan Juliet

A cocktail in honor of the only American to have edited a French magazine (French Vogue). Light, airy, and sweet, this cocktail blends Midstate Distilling Vanilla Vodka, pear and cranberry juices, egg white, and cinnamon to create a very agreable concoction.

$12  |  6 oz.

Dusk Till DAWN

The Dusk ’till Dawn is named after the night blooming Dragon Fruit Cactus (Hylocereus). This cocktail features a fruity blend of mango, exotic dragon fruit, and prickly pear syrup paired with Revivalist Equinox Expression Botanical gin for a pleasantly sweet and vibrant pink beverage.

$12  |  10 oz.


An American take on the Classic Moscow Mule. Made with Midstate Distilling Rum, apple juice, ginger beer, and cinnamon to create a drink as American as apple pie.

$11  |  10 oz.

visit our taproom for more varieties !!!

Our Cocktail menu is frequently updated with new and unique drinks.  We feature weekly specials, and offer a number of cocktails for the season, holidays, and special events that will not appear on the website.

more drinks

Mellow Mink is proud to offer a curated selection of locally made wines and ciders.

wines by the glass or bottle

GRANDVIEW VINEYARDS CABERNET SAUVIGNON – A rich, dry, full bodied red wine aged in oak barrels. Complex and fruit forward with flavors of red and black berries.


$15  – 6 oz. Glass  |  $45 – Bottle 





Hard Ciders

Grand Illusion Mystic Citra Pineapple – A pineapple hard cider made with fresh-pressed apples, pineapple juice, and dry-hopped with Cascade and Citra hops.

$6  |  12 oz.

Grand Illusion Hocus Hibiscus – A lemony-tart hard cider with berry and hibiscus tea flavors.  Made with fresh-pressed apples.

$6  |  12 oz.

Grand Illusion Blue Illusion – This well balanced blueberry & lavender cider offers a pleasant sweetness and a light berry fruitiness.  It finished witha touch of English Lavender.

$6  |  12 oz.

Grand Illusion Street Magic – A mouth puckering subtropical grapefruit cider with a balance between tart, sweet, and a light bitterness provided by citra and centennial hops.

$6  |  12 oz.

Big Hill Ciderworks Little Round Hop – Dry-hopped using a blend of whole leaf Columbus, Centennial & Cascade hops. Organic lemongrass focuses the hop overtones and adds a citrusy finish to this light and effervescent cider.

$7  |  12 oz.

Big Hill Ciderworks Barrel Aged Reserve – Traditional bittersweet / bittersharp apple varieties come together to create this complex, dry and tart cider. Fermented and aged in oak barrels for 10 months

$11  |  16.9 oz.

Big Hill Ciderworks Manchurian – Manchurian Crabapples by themselves pack a very acidic punch, even with their high sugar content. Big Hill Ciderworks blended a bit of Winchester cider to round out the flavor and add some subtle tannins. Both are barrel aged for one year prior to blending for a smooth vanilla and oak characteristic.

$15  |  16.9 oz.

Big Hill Ciderworks Fresa Amarga – Loosely translated as “Strawberry Bitter”. A sour cider blended with wild-fermented strawberries right out of the patch and then finished with a bit of dandelion for bitterness. Funky and loaded with the taste of strawberry season.

$15  |  16.9 oz.

Mellow Mink Sparkling Water

A complimentary treat to our guests.  Mellow Mink sparkling water is made in-house and served on draft.


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