Hello Friends!

Our names are Matt Miller and Cole Taylor, and we are the creative team behind Mellow Mink Brewing Company.  Matt “Dr. Lambic” Miller is a long time homebrewer, Pharmacist, and author of the educational brewing website Sour Beer Blog.  It’s Matt’s job to keep the beer flowing and to make sure that it’s delicious.  Cole Taylor is a young entrepreneur, photographer, and Dental Assistant.  It’s Cole’s job to create a classy and comfortable atmosphere that you will absolutely love to visit.  Together, we share a vision of offering small-batch craft beers in a boutique brewery setting within our home community.  Our sour, funky, and farmhouse style beers will embrace local terroir, rotate and change with the seasons, and make use of fruits, flowers, and spices from all over the world.  Of course, sours are not our only jam, and we’ll be keeping all of our favorite styles, from thirst quenching lagers, to juicy IPAs and rich barrel-aged stouts in the rotation as well!

Stay tuned with us while we work to open the doors at Mellow Mink and get the tasty beers flowing!